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Check Your Old Flame(s)

Know Your Air and Water #53

Have you checked up on your old flame(s) lately? The ones in your furnace and perhaps your hot water heater or kitchen range? Whether you’re using natural gas or propane, the flames will tell you if all is well or if some adjustment is in order to assure the best combustion. If your flames are not right, they can be creating harmful – and often dangerous – air pollutants that even could be fatal, such as carbon monoxide.

The flame in your natural-gas-fired furnace or water heater should show a blue color with just a bit of yellow at the tip. The same is true for pilot lights in hot water heaters and cooking appliances. If any of your natural gas flames are showing a lot of yellow, then your appliance needs adjusting – which is best done by a professional. So call your local heating contractor to have a trained appliance service technician sent out to make the necessary adjustments.

Furnace FlameIf you’re using propane, your flames should also be bright blue with a light yellow tip. If these flames need correcting, again call your local heating contractor for a trained professional to clean and adjust your burners. So reduce your possible exposure to pollutants in your indoor air by checking out your flames every month or so. Your local professional plumbing and heating contractor will be happy to help you make sure that all your appliance flames are burning correctly, efficiently and safely.

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