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The Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Authority of Northern Illinois is comprised of industry professionals dedicated to providing the safest and highest quality plumbing, heating and cooling services available in Northern Illinois.

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For Locals 93 & 501 Members

The PAMCANI website has a special section to provide UA Locals 501 & 93 rank & file with news, safety, reference and code info. Registration to enter is quick and easy.

Know Your Air and Water

PAMCANI's continuing series to make you more aware of things we can do to improve the quality of the air and water in our homes. Articles cover many aspects of water, heat and cooling-related topics, and are reviewed for accuracy by our contractors.

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Believe it or Not, Spring Is In The Air

Is your air conditioning system ready to handle heat and humidity? Read our air conditioner maintenance and service tips for all of our helpful suggestions.


To Water Or Not To Water

How much water does your grass really need? We have helpful tips to conserve on lawn watering, save money and keep your grass healthy as well.


Contractor Search

Locating a highly qualified plumbing or mechanical contractor in your area is easy with this service. Only qualified contractors are listed, so you know you will be hiring a reliable professional.


Search here for a nearby contractor to ensure competence, trustworthiness and a better overall experience. You'll even find 24-hour emergency service!

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Is Your Family's Health At Risk?

Illegal plumbing contractors drain local homes and businesses of proper safety. From the water we drink or bathe in to proper sewage drainage, plumbing is serious business. If not done right it can make us sick…or worse.

Protecting Your Health

Did you know it is illegal to perform, operate or advertise plumbing services in Illinois without a license?

Know If Your Plumber Is Legal
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